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4-Week Latin Dance Courses

4 - Week Latin Dance Courses Start on the FIRST Wednesday and Thursday of the Month
Check our published start dates!




£50/per month
4 x 1Hr Sessions
within the same month /
4-week period

£80/per month
8 x 1Hr Sessions
within the same month /
4-week period

£80/per month


(Discounted price ends 1st Dec.!)

Up to 24 x 1Hr Sessions
within the same month /
4-week period

How Does it All Work


  • We offer 4 Week Courses, which means you need to commit to each course for a 4 week period.


  • Each course consists of 4 sessions taken once a week consecutively for 4 weeks. Please check our published course start dates and time table.


  • Monthly packages allow you to take either one or multiple courses within the same 4 week period at a discounted price.  E.g. a "2 Courses" package allows you to take two different courses within the same 4-week period.


  • All 4-week course packages are valid for ONE course month and all courses within a package have to be taken within that month and by the same person.



How to Register


  • Online: Click on the price list item above to go to the online payments page via Stripe


  • At our venue: Registrations at the venue are available up to week 2 of each course. Payments are taken in cash only with a registration form. Registrations are valid with full payment only. Please arrive 15 minutes before class to allow enough time to register.


Download Caramelo Registration Form


Please make sure to review our Terms & Conditions and FAQs prior to signing up



Access to Classes


Please note that the Paddington Academy building can only be accessed from 6.45PM. A Caramelo senior team member must be present on site to allow entry. Should the circumstances require, the building security may refuse access to the building until the Caramelo team is present on site and the studio spaces are ready for use. Access to 18+ only.




For 1-Day Intensive Courses, Workshops and Special Events please refer to the relevant website pages.



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4-Week Courses Start Dates


OCT 4th & 5th
NOV 1st & 2nd
JAN 10th & 11th
FEB 7th & 8th
MAR 6th & 7th
APR 3rd & 4th


Contact Us

Tel 07471 910611


Paddington Academy, 50 Marylands Road, London, W9 2DR


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