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4-Week Latin Dance Courses

When registering for 3 and more courses, get £5 off when you register during the the last week of the current course

4 - Week Latin Dance Courses Start on the FIRST Wednesday and Thursday of the Month
Check our published start dates!

NoteAll 4-week course packages are valid for ONE course month and all courses within a package have to be taken within that month and by the same person. You have 25 days from the purchase date to enrol in the course(s) you wish to take, after which the package will expire. Please check our Terms and Conditions prior to signing up.



Please note that the Paddington Academy building can only be accessed from 6.45PM.  A Caramelo senior team member must be present on site to allow entry. Should the circumstances require, the building security may refuse access to the building until the Caramelo team is present on site and the studio spaces are ready for use. Access to 18+ only.




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4-Week Courses Start Dates

JAN 9 - 10
FEB 6 - 7
MAR 6 - 7
APR 3 - 4
MAY 1 - 2
JUN 5 - 6
JUL 3 - 4
SEP 4 - 5
OCT 2 - 3
NOV 6 - 7


Contact Us

07572 891570


Paddington Academy, 50 Marylands Road, London, W9 2DR


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