gus 210x280_bw_v2Gus, with his partner Grace, is the 2012 UK BachataStars Champion and has been teaching and performing Bachata and Salsa for the last 2 years. Gus is a natural dancer, but still had to be dragged to his first Salsa lesson by a close friend in 2007. It didn't take him long to catch the "Salsa bug" though. Keen to progress his dancing, Gus sought out the tuition of some of London's best Salsa teachers including Shaan, Dorian, Super Mario and Gil and Shelley.

Over the years he has spent many hours devoting himself to developing his dancing skills and this is evident in his smooth style. With the Pexava Dance Student Performance Group he has performed at events/venues such as Scala, SOS, Salsa Central and the Haarlem Salsa Congress.


Primarily a Salsa dancer, Gus' true passion is Bachata. As a keen musician his love for the rhythms of Bachata music came first, but it wasn't long before he fell in love with the sensual Bachata movements. Gus has dedicated numerous hours learning many different forms of Bachata, from the best teachers in the world In 2012 Gus and his dance partner Grace entered the UK's largest Bachata competition, the UK BachataStars Championships. After winning their semi final (judged by Bachata legends Ataca y la Alemana), they went on to become the UK BachataStars champions and earned the right to represent the UK at the European BachataStars Championships in Oslo Norway.


Gus' clear, enthusiastic and engaging teaching style has made him a very popular teacher on the scene. A kind and patient instructor, Gus also brings a lot of fun and laughter into his classes. Passionate about dance, Gus is very keen to help his students to realise their full potential and develop into strong, unique and confident dancers.