I’m early-retired, live in west Wales and visit family in London.
Wanted to ’taste’ Salsa, and see if an Intensive was for me, so bought a Groupon Voucher.
The intensive had a good mix, a good teacher and a great atmosphere.
I was fine with steps 1-to-3 but was baffled by the ’cross-over’ and decided not to struggle/play catch-up/get in the way for the rest of the day and exited quietly. Having explained to a member of staff.
I felt it was a very positive experience! My age & fitness level wasn’t an issue, I enjoyed the music and the steps I got the hang of. Clearly I need to take a slower approach to learning, and am looking for suitable classes in London and where I live.
I think that means a ’stand alone’ beginners class that I can keep attending before any thought of ’moving up’, so probably not the Caramelo 4-week courses either....
So a result! Thank you.
(Mar 2014)


Had a great day in the One Day Intensive Bachata! Clean rooms, friendly teachers (Andreas was helpful and great at what he does!) and excellent tuition! I learnt so much, and a longer day definitely helps drill it in.
(Mar 2014)


After doing a 1 day intensive bachata course, I've signed up for more bachata classes and a salsa course. I had an excellent day with a brilliant teacher. I’d not danced a step of bachata before the lesson, and by the end I could do a whole routine. The day progressed at a good pace, with enough repetition to learn the steps fully. I highly recommend Caramelo. I’ve tried other dance schools and Caramelo is definitely superior.
(Jan 2014)

Rebekah Taylor

I had a great all-day workshop with a fun teacher - thank you!
(Jan 2014)


I had my first batch of lessons last night: mambo, cha-cha-cha and Pachanga.
I just wanted to drop a line to say how pleasantly surprised I am. So, here is some positive feedback for you:
Teachers: Warm and welcoming, professional and they taught to a very high standard
Venue: lovely spacious, clean, bright dance studios with great floors
Organisation: fantastically organised, the team were calm and collected
I will definitely recommend you to others on the Latin dance circuit
Well done!
(March 2014)

Yvonne Drysdale

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