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Did 1-day intensive bachata beginners class on the 28/06 with Andreas.
Thanks to him for being so enthusiastic and transferring his passion for bachata to us throughout his teaching.
I really enjoyed being there and didn’t want the class to end, but hey "every good thing has a end" as we say!
It was my first bachata class, and surely not the last!!! I’m sooooo loving with it!!!

Thank you again Andreas!!!!

(June 2014)

Christelle Nila

I bought myself an Intensive 1-day Bachata class for my 40th birthday recently - and I have truly enjoyed the class! I was rather surprised that there were more men than women in my class. After 6 hours of being on my feet, and a few many giggles later, I was convinced to try to pick either salsa or bachata properly on a 1-to-1 classes. Caramelo management team has been extremely professional. kind and went out of their way to find out what I was looking to match my skills and what type of teaching style I would feel most comfortable with - so that they can recommend the right teacher. They really do take care of their students well. I would recommend them :)
(May 2014)

Christina Chan

I cannot recommend Shaan enough. He is an excellent teacher, full of enthusiasm. He made the day very enjoyable. All the steps and turns were taught really thoroughly to fantastic salsa music. A great day. Fantastic value for money for the level of teaching. The studios are great spacious and mirrored. I will definitely be back.
(Apr 2014)


I spent last Saturday on the intensive salsa course and it was great fun. Nice spacious, light room but most importantly the tuition was excellent! He really put us at ease and was so friendly....we all forgave the bad jokes!!! Thanks for a great day and I’ll definitely be salsa-ing again soon!
(Mar 2014)


I’m early-retired, live in west Wales and visit family in London.
Wanted to ’taste’ Salsa, and see if an Intensive was for me, so bought a Groupon Voucher.
The intensive had a good mix, a good teacher and a great atmosphere.
I was fine with steps 1-to-3 but was baffled by the ’cross-over’ and decided not to struggle/play catch-up/get in the way for the rest of the day and exited quietly. Having explained to a member of staff.
I felt it was a very positive experience! My age & fitness level wasn’t an issue, I enjoyed the music and the steps I got the hang of. Clearly I need to take a slower approach to learning, and am looking for suitable classes in London and where I live.
I think that means a ’stand alone’ beginners class that I can keep attending before any thought of ’moving up’, so probably not the Caramelo 4-week courses either....
So a result! Thank you.
(Mar 2014)


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