Did the intensive salsa one day course with Shaan. Very enjoyable. He's a good teacher, going at a pace to fit the class and adding on to each new skill. Thanks.

(Jan 2015)


I've been doing salsa and bachata lessons with Caramelo since last summer. I find a very friendly atmosphere in the classes. The teachers are excellent and patient considering the amount of students. Shaan is very approachable (a huggy bear) always smiling and positive. I would like to carry on for as long as I can and I recommend Caramelo to anyone who loves latin dancing!

(Jan 2015)


I completed the one day intensive salsa class, and despite my initial apprehensions as I had never really danced before, I loved it!! Shaan, our instructor for the day, was brilliant! Such a great energy about him, and so patient and encouraging. When I booked this intensive class, I thought I would just do it once and probably won't be back, but half way into the lesson, I decided that was not to be the case; I was going to keep it up and attend the weekly courses too. So excited to start - Can't recommend Shaan enough, as it was his brilliant teaching skills and personality that led me to my decision; and the Salsa improvers classes will be under his instruction too. Can't wait!

(Nov 2014)

Nura H.

I attended the 5 hour intensive salsa course for beginners. I learnt the key steps in 1 day, met fun people and had a very entertaining Saturday! :)

(Nov 2014)


We had a full on Salsa day course last weekend and it was brilliant. The tutor Shaan was superb - led the entire group at a good pace and ensured we were kept amused the whole way through. Recommend it thoroughly. Cannot wait to try the moves out soon!
(Sep 2014)


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