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This week I've gone for another all-time classic Salsa song which is loved and known around the world. It's guaranteed to fill-up dance floors everywhere with dancers singing along with the song whilst dancing. It is certainly one of my personal favourites which brings back great dancing memories before the turn of the century!

Penned and brought to us by true titans of the Salsa and Latin music world, I give you... THE JOE CUBA SEXTET with "LA PALOMILLA"! :o)

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For my selection this week, I've chosen a real summer latin groove and personal favourite of mine in latin and salsa music. I give you... HABANA CON KOLA with "VENTE NEGRA"! :D

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Salsa Convention Berlin - Caramelo Latin Dance Wins The Student Competition


Hello everyone! We hope you all had a wonderful weekend, we sure did!!

Caramelo Latin Dance crew just returned from an amazing weekend at Salsa Convention Berlin, where two of our student teams had an opportunity to perform and compete representing the U.K. on a renowned international stage. Not forgetting our Pro-Team Ladies that shared the stage on the Saturday Gala night with a number of amazing and inspirational artists such as Eddie Torres himself, with his son Eddie Torres Jr, Karel Flores, Grupo Alafia, Shellina Donkers and many many more.

In preparation to the competition on Friday night, our Cha Cha Boogaloo and Salsa student teams rehearsed hard like true champions and were humbled to spend some time with Eddie Torres, who shared with them some pearls of wisdom and gave really good positive feedback on the two shows and the teams' performances.

This competition would be the final performance for our January Intensive Training and Performance student teams, who learned the choreographies in a record 10 weeks time. Choreographed, directed and trained by Caramelo's Shaan, one of the most respected Salsa and Latin dance instructors in the U.K., Europe & the world, assisted by the graceful and stylish Danie Street.

Prior to the Salsa Convention Berlin, the teams had numerous opportunities to perform with great success in London, as well as internationally at the Istanbul International Dance Festival. All this hard work, dedicated training and preparation has paid off when Caramelo Latin Dance teams swept two of the three prize places at Salsa Convention Berlin! 

Representing London & the U.K., our Cha Cha Boogaloo student team won the 1st PLACE and the Salsa student team was awarded the 3rd PLACE in the competition. 

The event had 9 student teams participating, many of which prepared shows specifically for this occasion. It was an amazing experience to compete with so many talented and passionate dancers, a great motivation for us and our teams to keep on pushing further, learning, developing and promoting UK and London style at home and abroad. Our guys were up against some really tough competition! The atmosphere was buzzing and we are grateful for such great support and response from the crowd and the judges!

Check out the videos of the Cha Cha Boogaloo & Salsa shows and the Winner Announcements below:

This was a great experience for our Caramelito's, to travel together, perform, work hard and support for each other, as well as to have so much fun and good times doing this! Definitely a memory and an achievement that we will all treasure for a very long time! :-)

Starring Caramelo Students: Piotr Jan, Deb Low, Fahim Shah, Lucy Coral-Jezzard, Laila Selener, Zachariah Iskander, Andrew Ingram, Pia Muller, Gregory Hunte, Jenna Rennie, Soner Erduyan, Maria Garcia, Mori Miharu, Ai Pheng Yeap, Sabina Joniec, Raizo Rain, Elwira Kot and Yuko Umeoka.

We are really proud to be able to offer such unique opportunities to our student to travel and perform at such amazing international events that not only help us showcase their achievements and realise their potential, but also help inspire and motivate the new generation of dancers.

Our Pro-Team Ladies performance on Saturday Gala night was a blast, they showed off their style, grace and creativity - stay tuned for the video of Danie, Marta and Claire-Louise!

We had such an amazing time at Berlin Salsa Convention, we did not want to leave! :-) And we are so looking forward to the next instalment in 2015. Our massive thank you to the organisers, Jens Puschel-Thiesen and his team for making us feel so welcome and taking care of our whole team. You have put together an immaculate and perfectly organised event, it was such a pleasure to participate!

So we leave you with a few snapshots from this memorable trip, and don't forget that you can join us on our next adventures! Our current 12-week performing courses are well underway and will be travelling to Croatia Salsa Beach Splash Festival, and there are many other events and surprises ahead! The next round of training and performance courses starts again in August - so make sure to check them out and join in! :-)


 Caramelo Teams in Friday Rehearsals with Eddie Torres


 Caramelo on Stage - Winners Announcement


Victorious Caramelo Teams Celebrating with Choreographer and Director Shaan


Celebrating the victory with Eddies Sr & Jr, Shaan, Karel Flores, Danie and the teams


Party Time!


Caramelo Pro-Team Ladies


Saturday Gala Artist Showdown


Shaan & Danie with the legendary Eddie Torres and his son Eddie Torres Jr


Chilling After All the Hard Work 





A big thank you to our Caramelo photographers: Pia, Maria, Deb, Lucy, Claire-Louise and Anna 

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I'm still buzzing after an amazing weekend at Berlin Salsa Convention where the Caramelo team did an amazing job and got the 1st and 3rd places in the student team competition! Many thanks to Jens and team for the wonderful organisation and for taking good care of our whole team, we cant wait to be back next year!!

Absolutely loved the event and really enjoyed playing on Friday and Saturday nights. There were so many people asking for the names of the songs, so I thought I would share one of the gems I played this weekend, which is one of the staples in my collection: Allegria by Fania All Stars. Have an amazing week everyone!

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Song of the Week - Avisale a Mi Contrario, Roberto Roena

Hey guys! After a great bank holiday weekend  with lots of parties, dancing, catching up with friends, and more dancing, we give you a great song to finish it off - Avisale a Mi Contrario by Roberto Roena. This is one of my favourite versions of this song, composed in the 1930s by a Cuban musician and composer Ignacio PiƱeiro. Enjoyyyyy!

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