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This week's song is a Salsa interpretation of a beautiful song about the Manzanares River in Cumana, Venezuela. This song has been very popular since the mid  20th century and aside from Salsa the most popular style of interpretation is the style of "Parang", which is a popular folk style originating from Trinidad and Tobago, brought to Trinidad by Venezuelan migrants.


The version of the song we have selected is by Ray Perez, one of the true legends of Salsa and Latin piano maestros. It is a song that has been chosen by world renowned performers to choreograph showcases.


There is a rare and great opportunity to see this artist live in 20-22 February 2015, at the Zurich Salsa Festival. I urge you to join myself and many other Salsa lovers to see this great man and his band! What more, you can get a discount on the congress pass if you use promo code caramelozurich. 


I give you... el maestro RAY PEREZ with "RIO MANZANARES"! :)



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