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Here you will find our recommendations for music, places to go, events, thoughts on dancing and anything else we think might be of interest


This week, it's all about the Boogaloo! ;)


I've chosen one of the most famous, and most covered, of the Boogaloo genre. In 1967, the great Jimmy Sabater wrote what would become the biggest hit for the Joe Cuba Sextet, "Bang Bang"! A joyful and exuberant mix of funk, R&B and afro-cuban rhythms that helped launch the Latin Boogaloo craze from the mid 1960's. 


It has been performed to by some of the greatest Latin dancers in the world and played in clubs, parties and festivals all around the world since its release.


I give you... the Joe Cuba Sextet with "BANG BANG"! :D


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IT'S BACK!! Apologies to those who have missed the weekly Caramelo Song Of The Week selections; it's been a very busy few months at Caramelo with all the classes, performance teams and Caramelo events.


Nowwww... this week's song selection is a very popular & hot song at the moment, being played in Salsa socials, clubs, congresses and festivals everywhere. Brought to you by one of the top composers and pianists alongside his troupe, the Joe Loco Quintet! From being the pianist for the legendary Machito, to working alongside top band leaders such as Pupi, Joe Loco's melodic pinao play saw his music cross many genres from Latin to Jazz to American Classic Pop. 


I give you... the Joe Loco Quintet with "BONGO BOY"! :)


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Song of the Week - Flora, Maximo Rodriguez

Happy Monday everyone! To get you in the mood for the rest of the week, here is an awesome track from the legendary Panamanian artist Maximo Rodriguez. Maximo formed his band Estrellas Panameñas in 1963, they were extremely popular in 60s and 70s both in Panama and in New York. Coming from a very small country Maximo and his band nevertheless left a significant mark on the Salsa and Mambo genre and we are still loving his works today.


We give you one of his most famous songs - the romantic "Flora"!!




Máximo Rodríguez y sus Estrellas Panameñas

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Song of the week - Pobrecita, La Maxima 79

And we are back from the winter break with our first song of the week of 2015!


To get you guys going, here is a great track from one of the contemporary orchestras we really like. This Orchestra from Italy is no joke, they produce totally HOT Salsa Dura with a great deal of swing. The track we are featuring if "Pobrecita" from their awesome CD ‘Regresando Al Guaguanco”.


This is their debut album and since coming out it simply exploded on the dance-floor and made the band a house hold name amongst salsa lovers all over the world. Completely new and fresh sound of Salsa, made for dancers! Enjoy!



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Song of the Week - Tribilin, Ray Perez

Continuing the theme of the Venezuelan music and the legend that is Ray Perez, here is another stunning track.... slow and full of soul and flavour.... 


Don't miss the opportunity to come and see him live on 20-22 February 2015, at the Zurich Salsa Festival.

Use our promo code caramelozurich for discount.


We give you "Tribilin"....


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