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Amsterdam International Salsa Congress 30 Oct - 01 Nov 2015



Coming up very soon! The next installment of the amazing Amsterdam International Salsa Congress, taking place from October 30th to November 1st 2015!! What a great way to spend the Halloween in the beautiful city of Amsterdam :-D


Take advantage of the Caramelo discount, EUR 10 off if you use the promo code "caramelo" and book here:


We can't wait for you to join us on this holiday trip, all five of Caramelo student teams, as well as our pro instructors will be performing at this amazing event representing UK, lets partyyyyyyy!!!


Check out this unbelievable line-up of artists and DJs, you are in for a treat! For more information about the event and to stay up to date visit


Eddie Torres (NY)
Frankie Martinez (NY)
Adolfo & Latin Soul Dancers (IT)
Adrian & Anita (ES)
Terry & Cecile (FR)
Leon Rose Project (FR)
Fadi Fussion (LU)
Bersy Cortez (ES)
Ronald & Vivienne (NL)
Deniz Seven & Ceren Bayhan (TU)
Gill & Shelley (UK)
Shaan y Su Caramelo (UK)
Fadi K (UK)
Mike & Amanda (LB)
Proyecto Bajari de Yamulee (UK)
Julio Rojas (IT)
Talal & Edyta (BE/PL)
Volkan Karaman (BE)
Erkin & Selin (TU)
Miler Rodriguez Maximo Rodriguez (ME)
Sami - M DC (IL)
Di Marzo Brothers (IT)
Jorge Suarez (NL)
Tim & Zunaira (NL)
Fuerza Dance (NL)
More to come...


Kaytee (IT)
Toni & Lara (ES)
Gatica & Keskya (NO/FR)
Gianni & Alecs (BE)
Bachata Passion (NL)
More to come...


DJ Ryad
Willy (NL)
Shaan (UK)
Mauricio Reyes (UK)
Kamal Salsa Dura (NL)
Aime O (BE)
Roberto (DE)
Fadi K (UK)
DJ Erick thesaint (UK)
DJ Rosi (UK)
Walter Correia (NL)
More to come...



We hope you can join us, it will be absolutely EPIC!! See you all in Amsterdam!!!

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Song of the Week - Diferente, Fuego 77

This week we give you the hot hot hot Fuego 77 with their song "Diferente"! This band was formed in NY by Puerto Rican musicians right about 1977, they lasted about 3 years. Despite this being their only album, this was one of the best Salsa albums of the 70's. The band was led by Noey Matos, a conga player and pianist. Arranger and composer Marcos Hernandez wrote 8 of the 10 tracks of the Fuego 77 album.


This track is a really popular one with the dancers, firing up the floor every time! Check out this video from the Amsterdam International Salsa Congress 2011, I played "Diferente" as the last song and it was a blast!



Below is also the full track for your listenning pleasure ;-)


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Amsterdam International Salsa Congress 14-17 November 2014

Amsterdam International Salsa Congress 2014
Here we go! Our next congress adventure will be at Amsterdam International Salsa Congress! The theme of the congress is "Revenge of the Nerds" - so get your inner geeks and nerds out people, this is the time to do it and have fun dancing Salsa!!
Caramelo Latin Dance is an official partner of the fantastic Amsterdam International Salsa Congress that will take place in this beautiful city on 14-17 November 2014!
You can profit from a discount of  10 Euros on ticket passes AND bootcamps.
Simply enter our DISCOUNT PROMO CODE "CARAMELO" in the booking process. At the end of every month, ticket prices go up – so book now!
Check out the official webpage of the the congress:
If you love 'The Big Bang Theory', spend hours discussing 'Star Trek', speak fluent Klingon or feel a strong bond with Bill Gates, this might be the Salsa Congress for you!

The 3rd edition of the Amsterdam International Salsa Congress will be from Friday November 14 till Sunday November 16th in Amsterdam.
the 2013 edition was a huge success and we expect this year to be even better. 3 days of Salsa in one of the best cities in the world to party, so let the entertainment begin!
The AISC 2014 will be held in 'De Koning', literally just a few steps away from the main hotel. Even though last year's event was amazing, the organizers still managed to make some improvements for this year.
1) Less shows, more dancing
2) Salsa & Bachata Area and a Strictly Kizomba Area
3) Delicious Mediterranean catering available, for very reasonable prices.
4) Parties till 6 AM
Leon Rose Project (UK)
Shaan Y Su Caramelo Latin Dance (UK)
Marco Ferrigno & Natalia Lopez (IT)
Jose Diaz & Nerea Perez (IT/ES)
Mark-Anthony & Ukraine Mambo Project (UA)
Mitchell & Monica (DE)
Fabian & Esther / Sabor a Fuego (ES)
Jose Aguilar (NY)
Franco Rocha & Lucia Medina (UY)
Fadi & Romy (LU)
Made in Italy (IT)
Gabriel & Zinthya (AE)
Victor Ortega & Muriel (CH)
Caramelo Pro Team (UK)
Vasil & Yoana (BU)
Fuerza Azteca (GR/MX)
Leslie Andoh-Wilson (DE)
Cesar Sanchez & Janina (DE)
Gabriel Riquelme (DE)
Byron & Ariadni (GR)
Salsa Block (GR)
Fuerza Aztekita (GR)
Siembra Dance Company (FR)
Evelina & Gosia (PL)
Ronald & Vivienne (NL)
Pasty & Josta (NL)
Soeniel & Maud (NL)
Estilo Dance (NL)
Guateque (NL)
ShelinaSalsa (NL)
Golosa (NL)
Ariel Johnston (NL)
And more to come...
*** DJs***
Dj Shaan (Uk)
Dj Willy (NL)
Dj Mauricio Reyes (UK)
Dj Aime O' (BE)
Dj Kamal Salsadura Full (DE)
Dj Ryad (NL)
Dj Dj-Guy Raphael
Dj Walter Correia (NL)
*** PROGRAM***
22:00 - 06:00 | Party (Revenge of the Nerds)
22:00 - 23:00 | International Shows
Theme: Revenge of the Nerds: be the biggest Nerd present and you'll win a free Full Pass for the 2015 edition.
Stay tuned to more inspiration on the theme day!
11:00 - 18:00 | Workshops
22:30 - 23:30 | Shows
22:00 - 06:00 | Party (Gala)
Dress code: dress to impress.
11:00 - 18:00 | Workshops
22:00 - 04:00 | Party with Live Band & Dj's
Live Music, International Performances.
We hope you can join us guys! Salsa Geeks Unite!! :-D
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