Song of the Week - Diferente, Fuego 77

This week we give you the hot hot hot Fuego 77 with their song "Diferente"! This band was formed in NY by Puerto Rican musicians right about 1977, they lasted about 3 years. Despite this being their only album, this was one of the best Salsa albums of the 70's. The band was led by Noey Matos, a conga player and pianist. Arranger and composer Marcos Hernandez wrote 8 of the 10 tracks of the Fuego 77 album.


This track is a really popular one with the dancers, firing up the floor every time! Check out this video from the Amsterdam International Salsa Congress 2011, I played "Diferente" as the last song and it was a blast!



Below is also the full track for your listenning pleasure ;-)


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