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In addition to taking regular salsa classes, as well as Latin dance classes in general, we always advise to attend social events organised throughout London and internationally. This will help you develop your dancing skills much quicker, as you will get to dance with a lot of new people and will have to practice adjusting your leading and following skills to each individual partner and their style. You also get to see a lot of other social dancers, make new friends, get inspired, mingle and have a grand time.

One of the stand out events in London is the Salseology Live Music Night organised by TNT dance at "The Dome" in Tufnell Park. 

Salseology have truly taken the UK by storm having performed up and down the country for some of the biggest promoters in Salsa as well as collecting several music awards along the way including: the UK GSD in 2011 for Best Latin Band, the Lukas Awards in 2011 and 2012 for the Best UK Live Salsa Band.

On Saturday 16th Nov 2013 Salseology will be returning to the place it all began to celebrate the release of their new EP. This will be a party to celebrate Live Salsa

For more information go to the Facebook Event page and click "Attending"!

See you at the party!!

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