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Anna’s first steps in dancing were taken at the tender age of 5 when she started taking ballet classes and later on switched to ballroom for a period of a few years. 

In 2006 while living in Brussels she happened to be at a Latin club with a group of friends and got absolutely fascinated by the music and the feeling of just wanting to get up and dance. She jumped into the social dancing straight away and it was a whirlwind. 


While in Belgium she took Cuban salsa classes with Alex and Flo but soon moved on to NY On2 style with Alain Vander Linden and Sylvia Hollander. Anna was fascinated by their classy, playful and fluid style of movement and the fun and joy she experienced in their classes. During those years she also took classes with Alain and Sylvia’s former students Jimmy & Vie and performed in a show as part of their student team.


Anna moved to New York in 2009 where she spent a couple of years enjoying the advantages of being at the epicentre of the On2 dance community and benefited from taking classes with Carlos Konig, Almira Ayos, Angel Ortiz, Eddie Torres, Frankie Martines and Santo Rico dance company. 


In London since 2011 she continues to enjoy her passion for Latin music and dance, as well as the community spirit it provides irrespective of where you are based. Alongside Shaan, Anna was instrumental in establishing the Caramelo brand and the infrastructure of the school. Here she got to explore her creative side, as well as apply in practice and further develop the hands-on business mind-set. She is also actively involved in the coordination of the student training & performance teams, as well as enjoys documenting the journeys of the teams through the performances, the smiles and good times of Caramelo’s students and friends at the parties through her latest hobby which is photography.

Anna is proud to be a part of such a unique school as Caramelo and having seen first-hand the profound positive impact Latin dance environment can have, she is delighted to be able to facilitate and contribute to this experience for other people.