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Brazilian Zouk Classes Ulle AdamsonTaught by our international Brazilian dance experts Linda and Pedrinho, Brazilian Zouk classes are sure to put a spring in your step! Get seduced by the rich flavours of Brazil in the heart of London.
Brazilian zouk originates from the 'forbidden dance' Lambada and developed initially under the influence of the Caribbean zouk and later of R&B, Pop and other music containing the zouk beat. This has made the dance extremely versatile and it has elements of salsa, tango, rumba, contemporary dance and even street dance/hip-hop.
Brazilian Zouk Levels Taught - Beginners,  Improvers / Intermediate


It is a beautiful, graceful, sensual and passionate partner dance from Brazil and has made a big impact on the London dance scene. The dance style first started as Lambada in Porto Seguro, Northeast of Brazil, and later came to Rio de Janeiro where people started dancing it to the Caribbean style of music. Zouk now danced, taught and performed worldwide.


The fast growing popularity of Brazilian Zouk is also due to its adaptability to different musical genres. It is currently danced to French Caribbean Zouk, Latin and RnB music, but all with a heavy clear beat. It can vary from soft, round movements on relaxed and a bit slower music to sexy hip movements on reggaeton-like music.


Brazilian Zouk is known for its impressive looking upper-body movements, as well as hair-movements of the lady, circular movements of the head, waving movements of shoulders, ribcage, hips and numerous body-waves.


The word Zouk means 'party' in the Creole language and Zouk is already very popular in a lot of countries besides Brazil, amongst others the Netherlands, Russia, Spain and Australia.


Brazilian Zouk, this modern version of the Lambada, evokes the body and mind into a trance-like state for the dancer as well as leaving the spectator mesmerised!



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At the end of the course your instructor will advise you when you are ready to move up to the next level



See a demo of Basilian Zouk by Linda and Pedrinho and what you can expect to learn below:














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Brazilian Zouk Classes: 4-Week Courses

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